Create Your Waitlist With Great Features

The smart waiting queue system helps you manage your waitlist efficiently.


Sign up guests fast and get rid of the paper sign-in sheet forever using the queue app.

Your staff can add guests to the waitlist or your clients can do the queue sign up online through the waitlist manager, through text message, email or on a kiosk, etc. 

Communicate with guests using the web channel

You can send alerts, text messages or emails to your guests through the backend management system. Your clients can update their status easily by replying to the message. For example, they can remove themselves from the waitlist by replying to a “cancel” message.

Store and utilize the customer information

All your customers’ information will be stored in the customer relationship management system. You can search and check the visitor’s records or download your customer’s information in an excel sheet. 

Support multiple locations of businesses

Our waitlist app is designed to support multiple locations. You can create different locations and make multiple accounts for each of your business branches. You can view the waitlist status easily under your admin account.

Join the waitlist with ease and wait anywhere

Customers can scan the QR code to join the waitlist or open a web link to add themselves to the waitlist online. They can wait anywhere and get back when everything is ready.

Get the status in a waitlist position at any time using the free waitlist app

Check the status through text messages or emails in real time. Aside from this, the customers can simply go to the waitlist page online to check the status or position at any time. 

Display the serving or waitlist on a TV monitor

Or you can also embed the serving or waitlist page on your own website. Your guests can better track their waiting status this way. 

Get notified by automatic messages.

Use this option to send automatic notifications to your customers before, during, and after the waiting process to keep your guests updated all the time.